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OFFER ENDS AUGUST 1ST - Get Free Silver for Every Purchase You’ve Made With Northwest Territorial Mint!

For the second time this year, Northwest Territorial Mint is saying thanks to its best customers. We’re giving away up to 10 free NWT Mint silver rounds with your next Bullion Department purchase of $5,000 of NWT Mint, Pan American, or Stagecoach Silver bars or rounds!

Everyone loves free silver and no one deserves it more than our loyal customers do. For a very limited time we will give away up to 10 NWT Mint 1 Troy ounce silver rounds, one for each of your past purchases, with your next purchase of $5,000 or more of selected silver from Northwest Territorial Mint*.

For example:

If you made three purchases with us in the past, regardless of size, you are eligible for three NWT Mint 1 Troy ounce silver rounds with qualifying purchase. Free!

Don’t wait, Call 800-344-6468 or login to your account today to see how much you qualify to receive, make a $5,000 minimum purchase of our NWT Mint, Pan American, or Stagecoach Silver bars or rounds, and we will send your free silver thank you gift along with your order. We appreciate all of our customers, but we think our best and most loyal ones deserve to get a little extra.

NWTM Bars and Rounds Pan American Silver Corp. Bars and Rounds Stagecoach Bars and Rounds NWTM 100 oz. Bars Pan American Silver Corp. 100 oz. Bars


*Offer good with purchases of $5,000 or more of Northwest Territorial Mint SIGNATURE SILVER BULLION - Northwest Territorial Mint, Stagecoach, Pan American bars and rounds,from Northwest Territorial Mint’s Bullion Department. Must purchase silver in 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, or 100oz sizes. This special offer cannot be combined with any other special offers. This offer ends on August 1, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT. Number of free rounds will be determined by past individual purchases from Northwest Territorial Mint’s bullion department, minus any free rounds redeemed in our previous Loyalty promotion. Northwest Territorial Mint accounts will be the basis for determining qualifying purchases. Maximum TEN Free NWT Mint silver rounds per customer. Offer excludes purchases from the Online Store and through the Monthly Accumulation Program.

Invest wisely, act now to get special prices on Indian Head Quarter Eagles Gold Coins!

Fractional Gold • Fast Shipping • Great Price

Invest wisely, act now to get special prices on Indian Head Quarter Eagle Gold Coins! We are offering a limited supply of Indian Head Quarter Eagle Gold Coins for incredible prices. These coins, minted from 1908 to 1929, carried a $2.50 face value and contain 0.1209 Troy ounces of .900-fine gold – making them a great way to make an initial investment in gold at or hold some coins in a smaller size for transactions in a barter economy.

Designed by famed sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt as part of the American coin renaissance of the early part of the 20th century, you’ll prize these rare and highly sought-after gold coins in Very Fine to Extremely Fine condition as an essential addition to your collection and as a profitable investment. These exceptional gold coins are priced to move and your order will ship immediately upon receipt of good funds. Make sure you get them while they last because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Call a non-commissioned Northwest Territorial Mint sales representative at 800-344-6468 during our telephone hours, or buy online with your 24/7 online trading account!


Indian Head Quarter Eagle [Limited Qty] $284.97

Minimum order: 5.

Shipping is free to all 50 U.S. States 5 coins or more.
No added fees, No hidden charges and no extra costs.

Less than 5 coins, per order $20

$20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coins are Perfect for Collectors and Investors!

While most were melted, lost or taken, these rare U.S. Mint gold coins, minted from 1849 to 1907, are a rare and profitable find! Seasoned collectors and investors are sure to see the tremendous value these pre-confiscation U.S. Mint gold coins have to offer, especially when the market decides to price gold at its proper levels.

These exceptional VF-AU gold coins are priced to move and your order will ship immediately upon receipt of good funds. Make sure you get them while they last because we only have 200 left and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Click Here To BUY NOW

* Offer good with purchase from Northwest Territorial Mint’s Bullion Department. No limit, and can be combined with current special pricing offers. Coins will ship on receipt of good funds. Coin dates and condition will vary. Purchases made through Northwest Territorial Mint’s retail online store will not qualify.

Go Small and Save Big — Northwest Territorial Mint’s Silver Fractional Packs

The ultimate investment tools for barter. We call them “frac packs”– packs of fractional silver bullion in little increments (grams and fractions of an ounce) in a big enough quantity (hundreds) to get you started in a barter economy.

Fractional Silver Pack: 164 Pieces* Fractional Silver Pack: 328 Pieces*
  • 40 5g bars
  • 40 10g bars
  • 40 ¼ oz bars
  • 24 ½ oz bars
  • 20 ½ oz rounds
  • (164 pieces total weighing 51.29 troy ounces .999-fine silver)
  • 80 5g bars
  • 80 10g bars
  • 80 ¼ oz bars
  • 48 ½ oz bars
  • 40 ½ oz rounds
  • (328 pieces total weighing 102.58 troy ounces .999-fine silver)

*All Northwest Territorial Mint or All Pan American Silver Corp. only price*

Offer for a limited time only, so call (800) 344-6468 today to lock in your price on this special offer.

Silver is the logical choice for smaller transactions. From 5 g bars to 1⁄2 oz bars, you’re prepared for anything. The premium is substantially lower for the fractional silver in this package and we’re absorbing the traditionally higher cost of producing and packaging these smaller sizes to get this assortment of fractional bars and rounds into your hands.

Just choose from two packs in two signatures. Get the Northwest Territorial Mint pack in 164- or 328-unit sizes, or choose Pan American Silver Corp. fractionals in the 164- or 328-piece "frac pack."


164 Piece PanAm $1,294.37

164 Piece NWTM $1,294.37

328 Piece PanAm $2,539.54

328 Piece NWTM $2,539.54

Minimum order: 1.

Shipping is free to continental United States.
No added fees, No hidden charges and no extra costs.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii: 10c per ounce.
Canada 30c per ounce. Over 500 ounces: 20c per ounce.

Northwest Territorial Mint is a leader in the precious metals industry, is a member
in good standing with many professional industry associations (shown below).

© Copyright 2005-2012 Northwest Territorial Mint | All Rights Reserved
Northwest Territorial Mint® and Graco Awards® are registered trademarks of Northwest Territorial Mint, LLC

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