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Pan American Silver Bullion

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Pan American Silver is a world leader in the production of new silver. Northwest Territorial Mint is the exclusive mint for the striking of Pan American Silver bullion that has been refined to .999+ purity. This silver bullion is struck in several sizes of bars and in 1/2 and 1 ounce rounds. These fine bars and rounds come freshly minted from our coin presses in Dayton, Nevada and are fully IRA acceptable.

Pan Am Silver Bar

Silver Bars

Bars come in a range of sizes that offer flexibility for investors. The highly regarded Pan American silver bars are minted in 8 sizes from the same .999-fine silver as the rounds:

  • 1 Troy Oz5 Gram
  • 5 Troy Oz10 Gram
  • 10 Troy Oz1/4 Troy Oz
  • 100 Troy Oz1/2 Troy Oz

Please note that the photos shown above are not to scale. All bars share the same design. The obverse features the Pan American silver logo, while the reverse contains the same small logo with “Pan American Silver” repeated across the back.

Silver Rounds

Pan American 1/2-ounce and 1-ounce Silver Rounds are minted from .999-fine silver. They feature the well known silver hammer logo of Pan American Silver on the obverse and a classic miner drilling for silver ore on the reverse.


brochurePan American Silver Brochure (664Kb PDF file). The complete line of Pan American silver product specifications.

Minimum Purchase

The minimum purchase of silver bullion is 50 ounces by phone from our bullion department. Interested in faster shipping and do not mind higher mark-up and shipping charges? Purchases of silver in quantities of 200 ounces or less can be done by credit card at our online store:

Introducing 100 Troy Ounce Bars

Pan American Silver Bars can be ordered in the 100 Troy Ounce size at a very small premium over silver spot price. See them here.


purity .999
1/2 Troy Oz 30 mm 2.08 mm
1 Troy Oz 39 mm 2.87 mm
purity .999
5 Gram 30.3 mm 18.3 mm 1.12 mm
10 Gram 30.3 mm 18.3 mm 2.03 mm
1/4 Troy Oz 30.3 mm 18.3 mm 1.57 mm
1/2 Troy Oz 40.4 mm 24.3 mm 1.78 mm
1 Troy Oz 50 mm 29 mm 2.10 mm
5 Troy Oz 61 mm 35 mm 7.30 mm
10 Troy Oz 90 mm 46 mm 7.58 mm
100 Troy Oz 150mm 76 mm 26.9 mm


The 1-ounce rounds come packaged in durable plastic tubes. The 1/2-ounce rounds come packaged in sheets of 10. The bars are sealed in plastic sleeves that hold multiple bars and protect your investment. Few dealers provide this protection for silver bars.


Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.

Order Now: 800-344-6468

Order toll free Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 5:30pm Pacific Time. Saturdays, we are available 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. by phone only.


  • metalbidask
  • Silver$19.53$19.69

Spot prices updated in price charts

Pan American Silver Buy Now


1 Oz silver Rounds

1 Oz Rounds (50 to 99) $21.09

1 Oz Rounds (100 to 499) $20.89

1 Oz Rounds (500 to 999) $20.69

1 Oz Rounds (1000 to 4999) $20.59

1 Oz Rounds (5000+) $20.49

1 Oz silver Bars

1 Oz Bars (50 to 99) $21.09

1 Oz Bars (100 to 499) $20.89

1 Oz Bars (500 to 999) $20.69

1 Oz Bars (1000 to 4999) $20.59

1 Oz Bars (5000+) $20.49

5 Oz silver Bars

5 Oz Bars (10 to 19) $105.45

5 Oz Bars (20 to 99) $104.45

5 Oz Bars (100 to 199) $103.45

5 Oz Bars (200 to 999) $102.95

5 Oz Bars (1000+) $102.45

10 Oz silver Bars

10 Oz Bars (5 to 9) $210.90

10 Oz Bars (10 to 49) $208.90

10 Oz Bars (50 to 99) $206.90

10 Oz Bars (100 to 499) $205.90

10 Oz Bars (500+) $204.90

100 oz silver Bars

100 oz Bars (1 to 4) $2,054.00

100 oz Bars (5+) $2,044.00


1/2 Oz Rounds (100+) $11.15

1/2 Oz Bars (100+) $11.15

1/4 Oz Bars (60+) $6.95

10 Gram Bars (60+) $8.36

5 Gram Bars (60+) $5.18

* Price at which we sell to you.
Minimum order: 50 ounces.
Buy In Smaller Quantities Buy smaller quantities by credit card on our online store. (Higher premiums and shipping charges apply)


1 Oz Rounds $19.53

1 Oz Bars $19.53

5 Oz Bars $97.65

10 Oz Bars $195.30

100 oz Bars $1,953.00

1/2 Oz Rounds $9.77

1/2 Oz Bars $9.77

1/4 Oz Bars $4.88

10 Gram Bars $6.28

5 Gram Bars $3.14

* Price at which we purchase from you.
Minimum purchase: 1 ounce.

Shipping is free to continental United States.
No added fees, No hidden charges and no extra costs.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii: 10c per ounce.
Canada 30c per ounce. Over 500 ounces: 20c per ounce.

Northwest Territorial Mint is a leader in the precious metals industry, is a member
in good standing with many professional industry associations (shown below).

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