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Selling Bullion to NW Territorial Mint

Part I:  General Information

Northwest Territorial Mint is a bullion dealer interested in buying precious metal bullion from the public. When you are ready to sell or liquidate a portion of your precious metal portfolio, give us a call at our toll free number, 1-800-344-6468, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m Pacific Time. Or, visit us in person Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bullion We Buy
We purchase not only all the various bullion products we show for sale on our website, but also many other forms of precious metal not shown for sale.  The bullion we routinely sell shows both our "buy" and "sell" prices for your convenience.  Please call us to tell us about the bullion you have for sale, so we can give you an assessment of your bullion, including whether we're interested in buying your bullion.  For more examples of the kind of gold and silver we buy, please visit these links:

Gold We Buy
Silver We Buy

Pricing / Sale Process
We indicate prices on our website, but market movements may occur more rapidly than updates allow. Because precious metals prices change constantly, all orders must by placed by telephone so that prices can be locked in at the prevailing market. Prompt shipment is required; metals must be postmarked or shipped within two days of locking in your price.
Upon confirmation of your sale to us, we provide you a confirmation number.
In some cases when buying back large dollar amounts, a 10-15% transaction fee may be required at the time of booking. This fee will be returned with payment when the transaction is completed. Transactions of $50,000.00 or more are subject to approval by our bullion manager before completion.

Seattle Area Customers
You may deliver your precious metals to us in person if you wish. No appointment is necessary. Simply stop by our facility which is located in Federal Way, WA. The Contact Us link contains a map and driving instructions. Our lobby store hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (M-F).

We are always looking for new inventory and do accept trade-ins.

We do accept consignments on occasion. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what you have in mind.

We keep all transactions confidential, and do not report to any third parties, except to satisfy government cash-reporting requirements for dealers under federal regulations.
We pride ourselves on reputable service and our integrity in the marketplace. We have no hidden charges or fees and we would like to be your bullion dealer in the future, and work hard to make that happen.


Please read carefully -- this Agreement controls the terms under which bullion is purchased by Northwest Territorial Mint, LLC
IN CONSIDERATION of the following terms and conditions, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

1.  Definitions. "Buyer" shall be Northwest Territorial Mint, LLC, its members, directors, officers, employees, agents, heirs, or assigns (hereinafter "NWTM", "We", "Us", or "Our") that are buying bullion from Seller.  "Seller" shall be the individual, corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, partnership, or other business or trust entity selling bullion to NWTM (hereinafter "Seller", "You", or "Your").  "Bullion" shall be the commodity of pure, rare, precious, or noble metal, including but not limited to miscellaneous jewelry, coins, rounds, bars, flatware, scrap metal, etc., NWTM shall now or may hereafter offer to buy from sellers in our ordinary course of business.  "Business days" shall be the normal work days Monday through Friday inclusive, except weekends and federal holidays.

2.  Bullion Market Price and Availability Change Constantly / NWTM Sets Bullion Purchase Price. The parties agree that the bullion items we offer to buy are commodities traded on various world markets, and that the market price of such types of bullion change constantly with supply and demand. We alone shall set the bullion sale and purchase price for all bullion that we offer to purchase.

3.  Placement of Transaction Creates a Binding Agreement. The parties agree that we are a leading bullion dealer in the bullion market with the substantial need to maintain our good name and competitive position; and further that we are entitled to rely on the verbal promise from you to sell and complete the delivery of your bullion. .  In furtherance of this, the parties agree that your placement of a bullion sale with us creates a binding legally enforceable agreement in which you agree to sell your bullion to us.  You shall not thereafter cancel any  transaction before making delivery in full.

4.  E-mail and Regular Mail Order Confirmation and Invoice / Buyer to Allow E-mails from NWTM. After you've placed your telephone sale, we will send you a note confirming your sale and a purchase via e-mail.  Failure by you to receive any of these does NOT invalidate or otherwise cancel your sale with us; you are still obligated to deliver your bullion in full and on time.
You shall take all steps necessary, including updating address books and adjusting spam or junk-mail filters, to ensure that you can timely receive all e-mails from us, complete with any attachments, in furtherance of this Agreement.

5.  Credit Card to Secure Price Lock / Charges for Unfulfilled Orders. We require your credit card information to secure the price lock of your transaction. There is no charge to your credit card if you ship the metals in full and on time.  However, if you fail to ship in full and on time, we will involuntarily liquidate your transaction and charge your credit card. (See Paragraph 10, "Involuntary Liquidation of Your Order for Failure to Deliver," herein.)

6.  Recording of Order. You consent and agree that we may keep a recording of your sale transaction to verify the terms of your sale; aid in training, auditing, or quality control; comply with any laws as now exist or may hereafter exist; or for any other reason reasonably related to the business of dealing in bullion.

7.  Payment. Payment shall be in U.S. funds only. Payment will be issued to you by mail, after our receipt of the metals via the mail or a third-party carrier. If you deliver your metal in-person, you must deliver the metal to us within 5 business days of the transaction. Standard payment is made by business check mailed to the address you provided at the time of the transaction. For an additional $35 fee you can request our check be sent to you via overnight courier. A physical address is required for this type of delivery.

8.  Shipment of Your Bullion.  You shall promptly ship all bullion within two (2) business days of the transaction, (5 business days for in-person transactions). Packages must be received by our office no later than ten (10) business days following the transaction date.  You are responsible for all costs associated with shipping your metals to us. Northwest Territorial Mint is not responsible for any lost, misrouted, or damaged packages. We recommend that you register and insure your package.

A. Packaging of Bullion for Shipment.    Except for in-store deliveries to us, You shall package all metal being shipped to us consistent with our Packaging Guidelines, a link to which is provided below, and which is incorporated herein as part of this Agreement.  Additionally, you shall fully insure your package for delivery, and provide us a detailed packaging slip which shall include at a minimum an itemized description of the contents of the package, your name and your telephone number.
Our Packaging Guidelines

B.  Shipping Addresses.  Ship your metal via U.S. Postal Service to:

Northwest Territorial Mint
P.O. Box 2148
Auburn, WA 98071-2148

Or, if you ship with a carrier other than the U.S. Postal Service, ship to:

Northwest Territorial Mint
2505 South 320th Street, Suite 110
Federal Way, WA 98003

C. Canadian Shipments.  While normally free of GST, Canadian shipments nonetheless require proper forms to clear U.S. Customs. As the shipper you are responsible to properly complete all necessary forms, and provide any additional documentation.  Please check with your carrier to insure that all forms are completed and provided at the time of shipment.  The U.S. Customs forms can be found through the U.S. Custom's website; or through this link:  U.S. Customs.

9.  Liquidation of Your Order for Failure to Deliver.  If you fail to deliver in full and on time as stated herein, we shall cancel and liquidate your bullion sale as of the close of business on the 11th business day after your transaction date.  We will charge your credit card depending on how the market has changed since you placed your order.
Market loss or gain is calculated as the difference between the original purchase price, and the bullion London Fix closing price on the 11th business day after your transaction date. 

A.  If the bullion market has gone up since you placed your order:  A $35.00 cancellation fee; plus the market difference on your order computed at the closing price for your bullion on the London Metals Market Fixing for the 11th business day after you placed your order. 

B.  If the bullion market has gone down since you placed your order:  A $35.00 cancellation fee; and you will not benefit from any difference in the market price.

10.  Reservations of Right: In addition to the other rights hereunder, we reserve the following rights unto ourselves:

A.  Right to Refuse Service to Anyone. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

B.  Right to Correct Erroneous Orders. We reserve the right to correct any sale for obvious errors or computer-related problems.  We will make a good faith effort to notify you of any correction of your order. 

C.  Right to Cancel Any Pending Sales. We reserve the right to cancel any pending sale at any time for any reason.  If we exercise this right, we shall cancel our purchase of your bullion; we shall notify you of the cancellation and return any bullion or the current cash equivalent you may have delivered, less any costs and fees associated with cancelling your order.  In furtherance of this, you agree to immediately refund any monies we may have paid.

D.  Right to Change Bullion Terms of Purchase. We reserve the right to change this Agreement at any time without notice. 

E.  Right of Inspection and Assay / Right of Rejection. We reserve the right to inspect and verify delivered items for conformity with our packaging guidelines and the order before payment shall become due.  Said right of inspection shall include the right to assay any items for purity of metal.  If we determine that any items are unacceptable for any reason, including packaging that is damaged or defective, items that are not as represented to us by the seller, or items that are damaged or worn in excess of industry-accepted standards, we reserve the right to reject all such unacceptable items, and may thereafter change, modify or cancel and liquidate any portion of the order as provided herein, in whole or in part. We shall notify Seller of any such rejection and any change, modification or cancellation and liquidation of any order.  Seller shall be liable for any and all inspection and assay fees and related costs, and we may deduct such fees and costs from the total payment due to Seller.  Any rejected items will be returned to the seller.  

(1) Seller's Duty to Re-ship any Defective Package.  Any package rejected because of defective packaging or otherwise failing to follow our packaging guidelines shall be immediately re-shipped by Seller after first correcting any such defect and notifying us of any re-shipment of the items.  Our receipt of the items within 10 business days of the date of the original order shall NOT be extended due to returned defective packaging, unless we agree to any such extension in writing.  Seller shall be responsible for completing any insurance claims associated the return of any rejected items or defective packaging, and any subsequent re-shipment of any items.

F.  Right to Withhold Shipment for Unpaid Multiple Orders / Right of Offset.  In the event you place multiple buy or sell orders with us and do not fulfill said orders according to the terms and conditions herein, we reserve the right to withhold shipment or payment of any orders that have been paid or delivered by you, until the unfulfilled orders have been resolved to our satisfaction, including the Right of Offset.  The "Right of Offset", shall mean our right to apply any customer's paid order's proceeds and/or product against any of that customer's other unfulfilled order's proceeds and product.  If the customer shall thereafter have a net balance owed to us, we may thereafter involuntarily liquidate the remaining net balance owed as provided herein.  If the customer shall have a net balance remaining for shipment or payment, then we shall ship the remaining portion of the order or send payment as provided herein (Paragraph 10, "Involuntary Liquidation of Your Order for Failure to Deliver").

11.  Computation of Time. Unless some other time-counting mechanism is expressly stated herein, the first day for computing the time period shall be the first business day after the respective transaction.  If the last day shall fall on a weekend or federal holiday, or any day the London Metals Market Fixing is closed, then the last day shall be moved forward in time to the first day that is not a weekend, federal holiday or any day the London Metals Market Fixing is closed.

12.  Controlling Law / Venue. This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Washington.  Venue for any Court or adjudicating entity determining the rights of any party hereto shall be the Superior or District Court for King County, Washington State; or the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. 

13.  Limitation of Liability. Our liability for any bullion sale shall not exceed the amount we agreed upon to purchase your bullion.  We shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, additional, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.  We shall not be liable for any delays or failures in the transmission, receipt or execution of orders, payments, deliveries, or information due to the incapacity or failure of computer or communications equipment or facilities which are outside our control.

14.  Force Majeure. Any prevention, delay, or stoppage in our performance of any term hereto due to strikes, lockouts, labor disputes, acts of God, inability to obtain labor or materials or reasonable substitutes therefore, governmental restrictions, regulations or controls, the suspension by commodity exchanges in the trading of gold, silver, platinum or palladium futures contracts or the delivery of the commodities underlying such contracts, or the failure or delay of vendors,  enemy or hostile governmental action, riot, civil commotion, fire or other casualty, and other causes beyond our control, shall excuse our performance, and extend our performance of our duties and responsibilities hereunder, for a period equal to any such prevention, delay or stoppage.

15.  Complete Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the complete and final expression of the agreement between the parties relating to the sale of bullion, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous contracts, agreements, understandings and representations of the parties, either oral or written, relating to the sale of bullion.

16.  Costs / Attorney Fees.  If either party shall retain an attorney to enforce their rights hereunder, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all reasonable costs, expenses, and attorney fees.


18.  Assignment.  We may assign or transfer any of our rights, duties, and responsibilities hereunder, or any interest therein, without notice to you to any entity controlled by us.  You may assign or transfer any of your rights, duties and responsibilities only upon prior written notice to us, and provided that you shall not be relieved of any liability under this Agreement pursuant to such assignment or transfer.

19.  Written Modification / Waiver of Terms.  We reserve the right to modify or amend the terms of this Agreement at any time without notice.  You shall not modify or amend the terms of this Agreement except by prior written agreement with us.

20.  Binding Effect.  Each and every provision of this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, subject at all times to all provisions and restrictions elsewhere in this Agreement.  Except as expressly provided herein, nothing in this Agreement is intended to confer on any person, other that the parties hereto and their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, any rights or remedies under or by reason of this Agreement.

21.  Plural / Singular and Gender.  Unless some other meaning and intent are clearly apparent from the context herein, the plural shall include the singular, and the singular shall include the plural; and masculine, feminine and neuter words shall be used interchangeably.

22.  Captions.  The captions shown in this Agreement are for convenience or reference purposes only, and shall not, in any manner, be utilized to construe the scope or intent of any provision hereof.

23.  Invalid Provisions.  If any provision of this Agreement, or the applicability of any such provision to a specific situation, shall be held invalid or unenforceable by a Court or adjudicating body of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be modified to the minimum extent necessary to preserve the intent and spirit of this Agreement, and to make it or its application valid and enforceable, and the validity and enforceability of all other provisions of this Agreement and all other applications of any such provision shall not be affected thereby.

24.  Time of Essence.  Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

(NOTE: In the event of a conflict between this general information and our Bullion Terms of Purchase, the Bullion Terms of Purchase shall control.)

Shipping Precious Metals to Us

When shipping precious metals to Northwest Territorial Mint, please send your metal via U.S. Postal Service to:

Northwest Territorial Mint
P.O. Box 2148
Auburn, WA 98071-2148

Or, if you ship with a carrier other than the U.S. Postal Service, ship to:

Northwest Territorial Mint
2505 South 320th Street, Suite 110
Federal Way, WA 98003

If you have any questions, please review our guide for Packaging Your Precious Metals for Shipment to Us.

Northwest Territorial Mint, a leader in the precious metals industry, is a member
in good standing of the professional industry associations shown below.

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