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Recommended Reading and Reference

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession
by Peter Bernstein

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
432 pages, paperback

At every stage of human history, Gold has played a role. From the ancient fascinations of Moses and Midas through to the modern convulsions, gold has led many of its most eager and proud possessors to a bad end. Gold is a metaphor for the eternal quest for wealth witnessed in our own time as we idolize the quick millionaires among us.

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The Official Red Book, A Guide Book of United States Coins
by R. S. Yeoman

This book is in its 62nd year as the numismatic reference of choice. Professionals and enthusiasts alike look to this one-volume library to tell them coin rarity and value. Collectors rely on it for its full-color photographs and detailed technical data. The Red Book covers the history and values of colonial and early American coins, half cents through silver dollars and gold, commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, errors, Civil War tokens, territorial gold, state quarters, presidential dollars, and other U.S. coins, with essays on Counterfeits, grading, investing, auctions, and more. Pricing for more than 6,000 individual coins More than 700 full color photographs Updated values, mintages, and auction records Expanded coverage of commemoratives, sets, and other coins New state quarters and Presidential dollars First Spouses gold bullion coins 24k gold American Buffalo bullion coins Full Color, 429 Pages, edited by Kenneth Bressett. Spiral Bound.

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The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards
for United States Coins

6th Edition

An easy-to-use grading standards for every United States coin, official publication of the ANA. This book contains important information on:

  • Brief highlights of wear pinpointed for each grade
  • Easy-to-follow descriptions for thirteen standard conditions
  • Black and white photographs show progression of wear
  • Easy-to-use guide shows how to grade U.S. coins quickly and accurately
  • Lists every type of U.S. coins from 1793 to the present
  • Aspects of grading to all U.S. coins
  • Indispensable aid to the proper grading of all U.S. coins
  • Beginners, advanced collectors and dealers will all find the text understandable and useful

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Coin Collecting for Dummies
by Neil Berman and Ron Guth

This book covers the essentials of coin collecting at an affordable price and escorts you through the world's oldest hobby, covering topics such as how to decide which coins to collect, ways to protect them, buying and selling on the internet, attending coin shows, to assembling and diversifying your collection.

Discover how to:

  • Store your collection correctly
  • Understand how age affects value
  • Locate rare and expensive coins
  • Get savvy with avoiding fakes
  • Get kids or loved ones involved 

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Portable Wealth: The Complete Guide to Precious Metals Investment
by Adam Starchild
Publisher: Paladin Press; ISBN: 0873649591; (1998)

"None of us wants to watch our hard-earned money go up like paper in the wind. Open this book and discover how precious metals can add weight and substance to your investment portfolio in a time when very little is considered solid or certain.

It could be worth its weight in gold."

This book is currently in print and can be ordered at

The New Precious Metals Market: How the Changes in Fundamentals Are Creating Extraordinary Profit Opportunities
by Philip Gotthelf
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0786308400; (1998)

Excerpted From the Back Cover:
The New Precious Metals Market is an exhaustively researched, one-of-a-kind book that explains why gold and silver have underperformed while stock prices have soared and bonds have offered hefty yields. With an understanding of the new and strikingly different forces at work behind the precous metals scene, you can be prepared for the next explosive price movement. Learn how to benefit from the these critical developments: Central Bank Divestment of Gold and Silver Reserves--Cut through the confusion to determine if the massive selling of national precious metal stockpiles is a “buying opportunity” or a “distress signal”. Environmental Impact on Platinum, Palladium, and Silver—The world is increasingly concerned about clean air and water. See how this factor can translate into a demand for platinum and palladium. Discover how “ratio demand” for these metals may change to provide exceptional profit opportunities.

...The New Precious Metals Market gives you the knowledge, and the edge, to compete and win in today's new and exciting investment marketplace.

(Currently Out of Print) Try your local library, used book seller or purchase used at online auctions: see for auction details.

The investor's encyclopedia of gold, silver, and other precious metals; how to invest successfully in all forms of precious metals by Robert H. Persons.

Publisher: Random House

(Currently Out of Print) Try your local library, used book seller or purchase used at online auctions: see for auction details.

The ABCs of Gold Investing: Protecting Your Wealth Through Private Gold Ownership
by Michael J. Kosares, John Ritland (Illustrator), Rod Colvin (Editor)
Paperback Publisher: LPC; ISBN: 1886039291 (1997)

Midwest Book Review:
Now for the first time under one cover, novice investors will find thorough guidelines for making good decisions about private gold ownership. In The ABCs Of Gold Investing, gold investment expert Michael J. Kosares (with 25 years experience in the field) emphasizes the asset preservation qualities of gold at a time when investor uncertainty about the economy has led many to seek asset diversification. The ABCs Of Gold Investing covers a range of topics, from understanding gold's role in combatting inflation and deflation to how to select a gold firm. Kosares also examines reasons why gold has become an essential in many American portfolio and why that trend is likely to continue, The ABCs Of Gold Investing is further enhanced for the novice investor with photos, illustrations, index, bibliography, and an appendix. Highly recommended.

This book is currently in print and can be ordered at

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